Based in Bournemouth Aladar De Vekey was a mandolinist  and sole teacher agent for Gibson guitars from 1910 to 1932. To what level De Vekey was involved in the design and manufacture of these instruments is unclear but they are well made and unique looking, very much like a small parlour guitar with a 10th fret neck joint.

I have had the pleasure of inspecting, photographing and drawing two different types of these uke’s ,they range from type 1 to type 4  depending on materials and ornamentation, and was struck by their sweet sound and well designed ergonomics.

I have made detailed drawings and templates involving interior video film using an endoscopic camera.

I have built two replicas one a spruce and mahogany version of the number 1 and my own interpretation of the instrument. If you wish to talk about De Vekeys drop me a line.

I love these instruments and enjoy discussing them with other enthusiasts. Enjoy the photos.



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De Vekey.

De Vekey Head De Vekey back. De Vekey Front

Zirocote back and sides with a cedar front. Lovely crisp sound light and the extended body shape makes for a comfortable playing experience standing up or sitting down.