Design and Build.

Contact me to discuss your ideas for a custom built guitar. I can build most types of instruments and enjoy collaborating with creative thinkers to design and make bespoke products. Have a look at the De Vekey  and Billy Bo ukes for example!


I love mandolins and have been working hard to try and develop a model which I can call my own. I have produced a few prototypes and this is the latest. Wider fingerboard, Padauk back and sides, arch top, tapered bridge and no soundhole in the front. I will post a sound clip and video so you can see/hear what it sounds like.

20120813_165005 20120813_165015 20120813_165031 20120813_165117

Here's a video of the mandolin being played in the amazing new band Seren.

Peter Mando Back Peter Mando Front Peter Mando Neck

A twin point mando with walnut back and sides with a "bent"

spruce front. Guitar spacing for bigger fingers.

Loud and punchy with good "chop".